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All entrees served with your choice of sauce

(mint sauce, raita or tamarind chutney).


Samosa Chat




Samosa - 2 Pieces

Mildly spiced potato, pea and special masala filled pockets, delicately fried.




Onion Bhaji - 4 Pieces

Onions mixed with spices in chick pea flour batter and deep fried.




Aloo Bonda - 3 Pieces

Potato mixed with spices in chick pea flour batter and deep fried.



Mixed Pakoras - 4 Pieces

Seasonal vegetables rubbed with turmeric, chilli, dipped in chickpea batter and crispy fried.





Paneer Sizzler

Paneer cubes (cottage cheese) marinated in delectable array of sauces and spices, cooked in tandoor.



Chicken Tikka - 4 Pieces

Tender chicken fillets marinated in yoghurt with dry herbs and spices, char grilled in tandoor.



Seekh Kebab - 4 Pieces

Minced lamb, infused with chopped chillies, ginger, garlic coriander than skewered and cooked in tandoor.



Amritsari Fish - 4 Pieces

Fish fillets marinated in special blend of spices, coated with chickpea flour and served crisp.



Adraki Lamb Cutlets - 4 Pieces

Lamb cutlet marinated overnight with Kashmiri spices, garlic and ginger - skewered and grilled in tandoor.



Mixed Platter

2 x Pakora, 2 x Samosa and 2 x Onion Bhaji.



Mixed Platter (Non Veg)

2 x Chicken Tikka, 2 x Seekh Kebab, 2 x Lamb Cutlets.



Garlic Prawns

King prawns marinated with whole spices, herbs, yoghurt with onions, capsicum cooked on a pan.



Tandoori Prawns

King prawns marinated in tandoori spices and cooked in the tandoor.


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